onsdag den 24. marts 2010

Min Chef

  • I made this as my costume for Halloween 2009. It was kind of inspired by big-head mode seen in videogames. I really wanted to get the faceted geosphere look with wireframe.

    Software used:

    3ds Max 2009
    Mudbox 2010
    Photoshop CS3

  • The head was modeled in 3ds Max based off of photos I had Jen take. The final triangle count was 370. I designed it so it could fit over my head, sit on my shoulders and then be held down by a jacket.

  • The texture with wireframe overlaid. Original texture was 4096 square.

  • The texture was done with Mudbox 2010 and Photoshop CS3. The projection features work great to get a texture down quickly. After that I used the new export screen to PSD feature to clean up the texture and remove shadows. It works better then anything else I've tried because you can export an image 4 times the size of your actual screen resolution.

  • I used Pepakura to break the model up into printable sections. I only really used it to get some UV's out of it. Unfortunately the base version of the program only supports 1024 textures. The benefit of using Pepakura is that it ensures that all your UV's are the same scale relative to each other (extremely important when you are printing and folding) and it can calculate how big the folded model will be. You can also export a wire frame overlay with tabs for gluing in vector format.

  • I then loaded the new UV's into the second UV channel on the model in max. I used TexTools to transfer the texture from the original texture page to the Pepakura UV's. Max's projection tools were causing problems at hard angles around the ears and wouldn't pad. Textools did it perfectly and padded the texture. I doubled the texture page to 8192 because I didnt want any detail loss. It printed at 157 dpi. I cropped each piece out and sent to the printer. It ended up being 28 letter sized pages.

  • Cutting and folding up the pieces as they are coming out of the printer. I used 61 pound matte paper.

  • The work space.

  • Added in my right eye.

  • Front of the head is done.

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